Tuesday 20th September 2011

Hello everyone, sorry its been a while again since I blogged, I know I always say it but life has been all upside down just lately.

I have a few pictures to show you of projects I have made recently , all using Dreamees various products , dont forget check them out at www.dreamees.org.uk

Here are the pictures, also Dreamees have been chosen as a website of the month  in the latest issue of Quick Cards magazine .

Carol xx8*+9657+


Wednesday 7th September 2011

Well crafters here we are again now we are in September, where is this year going?

We thats DREAMEES have been going a year we did the first show in sheffield a year ago and officially started in business in October, wow and what a year it has been too, we have made some lovely friends along the way, we enjoy each and every show its lovely to meet all the crafters.

Here is our stand at Sheffield this year, Hayley is busy as always designing more cds and stamps, so with our product range forever growing we have decided to have a 1st year sale so please visit the web site www.dreamees.org.uk to see what special offers are about.

I have also got over my operation very well, and I am back to working normally again ha ha rushing around as usual.

We have lots of new products for christmas and have been making  christmas cards for a while now, so check those out too.


Right tonight I think its time for a little rest so we are having a pizza , yum yum I love pizza.

Take care and see you all soon. carol xxxx