Tuesday 30th November 2010

Hi all , well today has been a really snowy day I have only ventured to the local corner shop so ive done a bit of crafting , also ill show you some pictures of the snow outside our front door , im getting a bit fed up of it now

Ive done a few cards this week which ill show you below , also the yellow one is more for next year on mothers day this is from the DREAMEES  mini collection cds , I hope you like it , also the flowers ive made on this yellow card is from a dreamees flower stamp called la rosa , you can find all the products below



Sunday 28th November 2010

Hi Crafters , sorry its been a few days since i posted on here but ive been ill this week with a cold , so wasnt sure if we would get to sunderland for the craft show , but anyway we rallied round and yes all was ok , until we got up saturday morning , we had lots of snow overnight , so after a fe phone calls etc we decided not to go as it was a long way and no guarantee we would get there ok , but in the end it worked out we did the right thing , as i was so ill on saturday night at home , i had to go to the hospital clinic  where they said i had gallstones , gosh its the worse pain ive ever had, so all in all we were so pleased we decided to stay home

Anyway after all this Hayley launched the new mini cd collections on the DREAMEES site for all our customers , also a few sale things too and when some have gone that will be it with those check out the site


Here are a few cards ive managed to make this week with the new cds , I must also say a great big thankyou to all our friends who saved us with all the lovely samples they made for us at really short notice , so thanks ladies you are all stars , ill get photos taken of those too next week and put on here

take care

Tuesday 16th November 2010

Hi Crafters . I hope you are all well , I am on top of the world and raring to go again  this weekend , which will be the MAX PAPERCRAFT SHOW AT


Im busy doing yet more samples for the next lot of cds which will be released very soon from DREAMEES

in the mean time Ive done this card as a break away ha ha , its a beautiful stamp i got from the nec . from LILI OF THE VALLEY , their stamps are really gorgeous and such alot of detail its been a pleasure using this one , must crack on with the others ive got from them too , I just dont know what to play with first ha ha

Saturday 13th November 2010

Hi everyone , a bit of a sad day for me today , as I have just had information from Gill at  Little Claire and sadly i wont be doing any more designs for their blog , With my daughter now being in the craft business Gill doesnt seem that its right , and I do agree with her really , So just a thankyou to all at Little claire for their time etc with me being on their team , I will miss it.

Tuesday 9th November 2010

First of all today crafters I would like to wish a happy birthday to NIGEL MAY , a presenter on Ideal World , Im sure you all know him


Right onto cards then now

Sorry im a bit late in posting these cards but you all know how busy I have been just lately , but here they are , they are from LITTLE CLAIRE DESIGNS

of which i am a design team member and love it they have some beautiful stamps and other things too , this is the project club monthly stamp its beautiful  I had fun with this stamp

here are the cards I hope you like them

Monday 8th November 2010

Hi everyone , wow what a day yesterday Hayley and I enjoyed the nec so much , But gosh it was so busy , I couldnt see alot of it , good job i didnt need too much , we have had a lovely time though meeting all our friends on the different stand , also I was so lucky to meet Leonie , I think she is lovely and just the same in real life so much fun bless her , photos to follow in a min

Hayley and I are also getting ready for our next show which will be in Hull this weekend , we have a few more new products so if you are in the hull area look out for DREAMEES at the MAX PAPERCRAFT SHOW, at the BONUS ARENA in HULL

anyway here are the piccies Leonie , Dan and Nigel oh and myself ha ha

and of course one of my fave presenters of all time , my friend Nigel

Monday 1st November 2010

Goodness me we are now into november , I really must get going with some christmas shopping , oh and my own cards too he he , Although  I have been making christmas cards for samples from about June I still havent done my own

Just to keep you updated Dreamees did another show yesterday it was at THE MOORWAYS CENTRE in DERBY , it was a very slow show but we met some lovely people

I just want to show you today our stand

thanks for looking

Carol xx