Saturday 30th October 2010

First of all I must wish my hubby a HAPPY BIRTHDAY , today.

Hi crafters well my friend Margaret showed me somethng she had made on wednesday and i loved it so she kindly gave me her know how on how to make this lovely box , I think you can do quite alot with it , Ive just mad this one quickly for the show tomorrow at derby .

I hope you like it , Ive used papers and toppers from the Dreamees cd Christmas Wonders , look out for more i do next week  when i have a bit more time


Thursday 28th October 2010

Hi again crafters , I hope you are all well. I must say first of all Dawn I hope your op goes well tomorrow Ill be thinking of you mate

Right today I have a really nice card to show you , Hayley has designed the window for me which we will be selling on the stand at derby show this weekend , so be sure to come and have a look

This card has quite alot of elements on it from the Dreamees cd THE BOUTIQUE , I must say im really enjoying playing with this one as most of you are too who have bought it

Anyway here it is

Tuesday 26th October 2010

Hi there

more news for the DREAMEES SITE,

tutorials up for the zig zag and also the trees stamps what else to do apart from stamping for christmas

take a look

Monday 25th October 2010

Hi all , another start to the week. I have been busy again with the Dreamees new THE BOUTIQUE cd  its beautiful and the more I play with it the beautiful it becomes, Im sure you will agree with the following card

The cd can be used for every girl in the world im sure whether they like dressing up or dressing down theres something for everyone , even the men have a little section

anyway here is the card. also next weekend we (dreamees) are at  THE MAX PAPERCRAFT SHOW AT THE MOORWAYS CEBTRE DERBY , please pop along its open from 10 am till 3 pm

Sunday 24th October 2010

Right today crafters im adding the pictures of the stand when we were in Nottingham , sorry its taken so long but you know how time goes by so quickly

We are keeping things new and changing all the time as we dont want to get stuck in that rut of always being the same

so here they are , this is before the public were allowed in he he

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Hello all. gosh another week and a bit gone by without me noticing it much , we are so busy (dreamees) at the moment which is so good and exciting too.

Today I have managed to make another 2 cards from the new BOUTIQUE cd , its a real stunner this one we are so pleased with it.

I hope you like the crads to follow on here, also a big thankyou to all who have sent us comments about the cd and how much you all love it

We are off from shows for this week, but a week tomorrow we will be at the Derby show by max papercraft, at the Moorways Centre , so please come along if you fancy a bit of crafting time , Hayley will be doing demos with her stamps , Ill be demoing the cds  and showing what you can do with the files

Thursday 14th October 2010

OOOOO getting so excited here , I hope Hayley launches the new cd soon for you all Im sure you will love it , Its called THE BOUTIQUE  and its typical of Hayley very girly , Dreamees are doing so well , we are loving every minute , we will be having adverts in a popular magazine soon so look out for thaat too.

Dreamees have also produced some new stamps which Im sure will be a great success , Hayley will be demoing these at the shows .

Im struggling to make more cards as there is always something else that needs doing , I need to get my time organized better ha ha

Anyway here is a taster for you from the new cd alot of you will have had these on the e mail updates but i want my other blogging riend to see them to so here they are

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