wednesday 30th september 2009

Ive been stamping this morning , please bear in mind I dont do alot of stamping , but im quite pleased with this result , hope you like  it too.P9300068 [Desktop Resolution]


monday 28th september 2009

Hello all I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I did quite a bit of crafting as you can see from yesterdays post , I also want to get alot of cards done this week too for the demo s on friday , I need some different cards to keep people interested , also theres that much craft products coming out at the moment , I have had lots of new cds  recently .

Right here is todays card its from the cd by card creations called deco11 claws and paws i love the look of this one , looks very classic

hope you like it

xxP9280065 [Desktop Resolution]

sunday 27th september 2009

hi there everyone ,quite a few cards for you to see today ive had a lovely afternoon crafting and really enjoyed it , these are from various places so if there is any you particularily like post a comment and ill let you know where it is from

a big thanks to carftylasses im now part of their admin team on the facebook account so take a look there if you can sometimes

right you ready for all these cards he he P9270052 [Desktop Resolution]P9270053 [Desktop Resolution]P9270054 [Desktop Resolution]P9270055 [Desktop Resolution]P9270056 [Desktop Resolution]P9270057 [Desktop Resolution]P9270058 [Desktop Resolution]P9270059 [Desktop Resolution]P9270060 [Desktop Resolution]P9270061 [Desktop Resolution]P9270062 [Desktop Resolution]P9270063 [Desktop Resolution]P9270064 [Desktop Resolution]

tuesday 22 nd september 2009

Hello . Im so sorry it has been so long since i posted on here , life has really been quite hectic , my hubbys mum has been in hospital then in a home , back to her flat and is now in hospital again , so as you can imagine we are all over the place .

Anyway i have still been doing cards and samples ,  i cant show you too many samples until they have been on tv with Emma from cupcake crafting, but take a look at their site there are some great ideas on there.

The cards im showing you  are from craftylasses design sheets , try and take a look on their site you will find some unusal sheets and they are all lovely, here the latest ones they have done

hope you like them

xxP9210042 [Desktop Resolution]P9210044 [Desktop Resolution]P9210046 [Desktop Resolution]P9210047 [Desktop Resolution]

thursday 10th september 2009

What a day ive had today , wont go into detail but pleased its nearly bed time ha ha ,

managed to do a few card samples for tomorrow

for the demos at arts content so if you are around the nottinghamshire area please call

P9100017 [Desktop Resolution]P9100018 [Desktop Resolution]P9100019 [Desktop Resolution]P9100020 [Desktop Resolution]P9100022 [Desktop Resolution]

tuesday 8th spetember 2009

Thank goodness I have got a bit of inspiration back  , after last weekend  with not making anything but never mind it s back just think I have had alot going on just lately

So here are today s cards ive made , ive also done another one but cant post it until tomorrow as its my friends birthday card haha

hope you like these

P9080011 [Desktop Resolution]P9080012 [Desktop Resolution]P9080014 [Desktop Resolution]

monday 7th september 2009

I cant believe this last weekend I so wanted to craft on sunday , but couldnt find anything I wanted to do ,thats just typical for me , anyway i made this one its from the freebies from the new create and craft club magazine its up on site now so if you are a member go and have a look its quite nice

So unfortunatley  this is the only card I have to show you today , but I did use my nestabilities dies too

P9070009 [Desktop Resolution]

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