sunday 28th june 2009

well im amazed tonight , i have been to have some treatment on my back tonight , gosh i feel so brilliant , and also he did my feet which i suffer with too, i feel like i m walking on air , im so impressed , think i need a monthly treatment ha ha

anyway only one card to show you today its nothing really special just showing the cd images from crafters companions new popcorn bear

the cds are very nice so cute

P6280001 [Desktop Resolution]


monday 22nd june 2009

Here is a card i made yesterday but couldnt get on here because it was late evening before i took the photos , so ive just taken it again .

This  is done from one of the sets of the new ish lofty stamps , drawn by Andy Carolan , and sold by Joanna Sheen, they are so cute ,

Hope you like it

gardening lofty

gardening lofty

sunday 21st june 2009

im here again this is good 2 posts in one day ha ha

ive just got back from a friends , and her partner has done the chiropractor work on me , wow it was amazing , i enjoyed it , cant wait for the next one ha ha

before i went there i managed to do a few cards but this is the only one i can put on because with it being evening now the photos dont take very well

its a new design teabag ive found looks very effective

P6210058 [Desktop Resolution]

sunday 21st june 2009

to all the dads out there  HAPPY FATHERS DAY

im hoping to get some cards done to be able to show you today , but also have an appointment with a friends boyfriend to have a go at putting my back correct ha ha , he is practising so thats good for me too

i hope he can do something for me


also tomorrow im out for the day yippee at a craft trade show with free buffet lunch , am i spoilt or what? ha ha

friday 19th june

gosh cant believe its nearly a week since i posted on here , its been a bit of a strange week though,  i had wednesday to myself as i thought but umm it didnt work out that way, but never mind so sadly i havent touched craft this week and im missing it

One good thing though , we have had the new car today wow its lovely too , i took my daughter out in it tonight learning to drive, bless her she loves it

here is the car pictures , im very pleased with it , its a kia rio .

ill be posting again over the weekend as im hoping to stacks of crafting

P6190052 [Desktop Resolution]P190609_20.53_[01]

sunday 14th june 2009

P6140045 [Desktop Resolution]P6140046 [Desktop Resolution]another weekend gone , where does the time go ?

here is what work i have done on my cards this week , i hope you like P6120043 [Desktop Resolution] them

I also get my new car on friday yippee cant wait

P6100040 [Desktop Resolution]

tuesday 9th june 2009

P1020014 [Desktop Resolution]P2150031 [Desktop Resolution]Today I thought I would show you the samples I did for Emma of cupcake crafting , as Emma was on tv yesterday and also you may see the repeats this week , so here are a few I spotted of my work . You may have seen them further back on my blog but just so you dont have to search for them


carol xxP1020014 [Desktop Resolution]P1020017 [Desktop Resolution]P2150031 [Desktop Resolution]P2150033 [Desktop Resolution]P1110007 [Desktop Resolution]P1110009 [Desktop Resolution]P1170017 [Desktop Resolution]

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