thursday 31st july 2008

well today ive tried another card , i found it while looking through my old magazines , as a few of you know i love tea bag folding this is a mix between that and iris folding

anyway see what you think?


wednesday 30th july 2008

get well son

get well son

heres just one card ive managed today , its just too hot to craft here , i wish it would cool down alot

this one is from andys cd again a pop up card to reveal the message underneath

tuesday 29th july 2008

well today started ok was going to get all my house clean ha ha guess what nothing done , so this afternoon i thought get on with my crafts a bit there was a couple of new things i wanted to try hense the pictures below , the first one using the eazi score board to make the back ground like a quilt , thne the pop up card bear in mind this was only a trial to see the workings

off to the vets again later with heidi to see about her eyes , they are saying they want to take both out , im not going to put her thru all that at her age


trial pop up

trial pop up

monday 28th july 2008

well actually managed a few cards for the demo hope you like them

monday 28th july 2008

hi there , sorry no card to post as yet today , i am off work this week , so trying to get the house in order and a bit of crafting too.

this morning we have had to take our eldest dog to the vets as she has a lump , which now the vet is sure its cancer, and he think she has diabeties along with other things  like she is blind and would have to lose bothe her eyes she is 12 years old so i just cannot put her through all these ops , she is fine in herself at the moment eating drinking walking playing as much as she can  etc , so we are going to look after her the best we can till we can see that she is in pain or severe discomfort and then will have  to rethink what to do , so my first day off work has not been a good one

ill get crafting soon

sunday 27th july 2008

just made this today a neverending card , hope you all like it , its so easy to do too

as seen on tv

these are samples i made for tv .

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